Texas Strong

I’m writing this under the assumption that everyone has heard about the ongoing chaos from Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area. Since the storm started, I have seen countless pictures and videos of the devastation in an area not all that far from where I live. My city, Fort Worth, has been taking in displaced residents. The organization I work for already had a relief fund in place that is being put to use now. Organizations all over the state and country are putting their resources to use to help those in need.

Stories like that are comforting in these troubling times. People coming together to help others that they don’t even know. It’s human nature at it’s best.

Being the pit bull blog that I am, I have seen some pictures and videos that have just completely shaken me. There are abandoned animals. Animals in shelters that are flooded. People carrying their pets through nearly waist deep water. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see.


This is my favorite picture that I have seen. The pittie is huge but his owner will do anything to make sure he is safe. Photo credit.

So I wanted to take this post just to provide a list of ways that people can help out:

Best Friends Animal Society has a dedicated disaster relief fund that is accepting donations. They are definitely one of my favorite groups after all of the work they did with the Vicktory dogs. They currently have a ground team in the area to help at various shelters.

Austin Pets Alive! is in desperate need of supply donations. You can find a list on their website as well as how to volunteer if you are in the area.

The SPCA of Texas has been great about helping those who have been displaced be able to stay near their pets. They have a temporary shelter set up in Dallas that is close to the human shelter so that owners can visit. They are at capacity for volunteers, but they still need monetary donations.

This is just a very short list of the organizations that are working hard to help the animals and families that have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey. A quick Google search can find even more ways to help those in need. I searched “how to help animals in Houston.” I found several news organization that have lists of ways to help whether through volunteering, supply donations, or monetary donations.

If you can, please donate to help those in need as they have a long road to recovery ahead. If you are unable to donate, please share information like this so that others know how to help. Comment below with your favorite organizations that are helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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