Bella’s Story

We didn’t want a pit bull. When we started looking for a dog, we wanted a boxer. One day we saw a litter of puppies listed on at our local shelter, so we went to meet them. These puppies were not boxers. The shelter didn’t want to list them as pit bulls so that they stood a better chance of getting adopted. When we went to look at the puppies, 4 out of the 5 dogs were acting like typical puppies. Barking and jumping around. Bella, known as Lucy at the time, just wanted a person to pay attention to her. She waited for the shelter volunteer to pick her up and snuggled up to her. Bella was the one that craved human attention, and we instantly fell in love with her. The shelter told us that she was probably part American Bulldog and part Pit Bull.

Once we adopted Bella, we started to realize how bad the pit bull problem is. Our neighbors were very hesitant to be around her at first, but they eventually fell in love with her too. Everyone falls in love with Bella. She is a beautiful dog that loves everyone.

One day, my parents were walking Bella at the park and someone came up to them to ask if she is “one of those killer dogs.” That was the point when I knew I had to do something to stand up for these dogs. People were unfairly judging my dog simply because she has a big, square head.

Bella is an amazing dog. She has a quirky personality and is way too smart for her own good. We have to talk in code if we are going to take her anywhere because she knows words like walk, park, and car. She even knows how those words are spelled. Bella knows what treats she gets and when. She will not leave you alone until you give her whatever treat it is she is fixated on. She loves soft blankets and pillows and will steal both if left alone.

Long story short, we didn’t rescue Bella. Bella rescued us. She came into our lives and changed our minds about pit bulls. She is the perfect example of why stereotypes aren’t reliable. I can’t imagine my life without this dog. Because of her, we rescued our second pit bull, Misha. Because of her, I found my passion in life – advocating for these dogs.


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