My Pittie-Full Life

I’ve thought about starting this blog for a while for several reasons, but there’s really only one reason that matters – the dogs. Ever since my family adopted our first pit bull, I’ve realized just how bad the pit bull problem is. The problem is that these dogs have a bad reputation. The world views them as vicious dogs that need to be banned and destroyed. They aren’t inherently bad. They are inherently good.

My hope here is to spread a positive message about these dogs. If I can change even just one person’s mind on the breed, then I will consider this a success. This is for two beautiful pit bulls that I love. This is for all of the dogs that have been exploited in dog fighting. This is for all of the dogs that need a second chance. This is for all of the animals sitting in shelters waiting for someone to give them a forever home.  It’s for all of the animals that have suffered at the hands of humans.

I am their voice.